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For the benefit of the customer's needs, we have divided our division into four sections;

The Division of the Information Technology


System Application Undertaken:


  • Banking System, for 98 member of the Credit Union / Baitul Maal wa Tamwil from all over Indonesia on October 1995.
  • Common Accounting, of PT. Artha Bumi at Pejompongan, Jakarta on June 1998, and LSM PINBUK Jakarta on January 1996.
  • Marketing Tracking System, of PT Triloka Roda Buana at Blok M Jakarta on February 1997.
  • Resto Café for Café Roti at Senayan Jakarta on August 1997.
  • HRD Management of PT. ArthaBumi at Pejompongan Jakarta on May 1998.
  • Accounting for Clinic of Klinik-Kardio at Ciniru-Blok S Jakarta, on July 1998.
  • Medical Record of Klinik-Kardio at Blok S Jakarta on    July 1998.
  • SHEP (Safety-Health-Environment-Protection), LEMIGAS (Lembaga Minyak dan Gas) in the section of the Division of Image Processing on December 1998.
  • Medicine Store Stock and Trading System of Harapan Anda Hospital at Tegal- Jawa Tengah on September 1999.
  • Hospitality Management of Harapan Anda Hospital at Tegal-Jawa Tengah on September 1999.
  • RCM (Retail Contact Management), PCM (Purchase Contact Management), and Inventory System of PT. Masgo Muria Jaya at Tanah Abang-Jakarta on December 1999.
  • Network Design (Infrastructure) of ARS International School, at Antapani-Bandung on January 2000.
  • Library and HRD Management of ARS International School, at Antapani-Bandung, on February 2000.
  • Education Administration of Pasca Sarjana Program of STIE Indonesia Emas, at Antapani-Bandung, on July 2000.
  • University System for ARS International University, at Antapani Bandung on December 2000.
  • Network Design, Development Administration and Certification System for LPJK-DKI (Lembaga Pengembangan Jasa Konstruksi-DKI) on January 2001.
  • Accounting System and Networking Design for PT. Paramuda Jaya, on April 2006.
  • Project Cost Managemen, on November 2007.



The Division of Multimedia Design


Graphic Design and Multimedia Experience


  • Iklan Sherina Bumper RCTI
  • Company Profile Pt. Telkom (CD-Interactive)
  • Petro Passport
  • Ardan TV. Comm
  • Unesco
  • Pameran Infotech
  • Dwi Citra
  • Travel Bank
  • Workshop Petro
  • Suara Remaja


Homepage Design, Web Development, and Intranet




The Division of Mobile Technology


Mobile Technology Experience


  • Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) – Premium SMS.
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) – Broadcast SMS.
  • – Premium SMS.
  • Ayamkoe - Mobile Game


The Division of Music


Music Production Experience


  • Saufika (Indonesian pop/rock band)


The Division of Management


Management Experience


  • Saufika (Indonesia pop/rock band)